Inicio índice noticias agenda imágenes información mapa del sitio búsqueda avanzada índice >> revista de neurología (volumen 42  núm 9) >> the neurochemistry and neuropharmacology of diffus... The neurochemistry and neuropharmacology of diffuse lewy body disease revisión castellano    english   portugués [rev neurol 2006;42:549-555] pmid: 16676279 - revisión - date of publication: 01/05/2006 t. cheap viagra viagra without a doctor prescription cheap viagra online viagra without a doctor prescription cheap generic viagra generic viagra buy viagra online buy generic viagra Jabbour-wadih , h. Alonso-navarro , l. Ayuso-peralta , f. J. Jiménez-jiménez introduction and development. The main neurochemical alteration in diffuse lewy body disease (dlbd) is the cholinergic deficit in the cerebral cortex, which involves mainly cholin-acetyl-transferase. There have been also described dopamine deficiency and alterations affecting other neurotransmitters and neuromodulators, such as serotonin, noradrenaline, neuropeptides, etc. Cerebral perfusion and glucose metabolism studies usually show diffuse hypoperfusion or hypometabolism, with higher alteration of associative cortex, including occipital involvement. Several studies have shown increased markers of oxidative stress in brain and other tissues, suggesting its possible role in the pathogenesis of dlbd. Conclusions. Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors seem to improve cognitive and conductual symptoms, although their usefulness according evidence-based medicine criteria is weak. Some patients need atypical neuroleptics at low doses to get the symptomatic control of conductual alterations. Search in pubmed by author jabbour-wadih t alonso-navarro h ayuso-peralta l jimenez-jimenez fj by keyword cholinergic system diffuse lewy body disease dopaminergic system functional neuroimaging neurochemistry neuropharmacology oxidative stress see in pubmed current article related articles keywords:  cholinergic system - diffuse lewy body disease - dopaminergic system - functional neuroimaging - neurochemistry - neuropharmacology - oxidative stress            download citation    downloads: 1038 classified in:  demencia, neuroimagen, neuropsiquiatría average qualification:      (0 votes) you need to be logged in, in order to be able to comment this article. Debe estar registrado para poder suscribirse a este seminario ©    plaza tetuan, 7 08010 barcelona    contacto   |   privacidad    issn edición digital 1576-6578 última actualización: 09/10/2012. Se was more common than previously realized o people with lewy body disease have lewy bodies in the mid-brain region (like those with parkinson's disease) and in the cortex of the brain. It's believed that they usually also have the "plaques and tangles" of the brain that characterize alzheimer's disease. Conversely, it's believed that many people with alzheimer's disease also have cortical lewy bodies. O because of the overlap, it's likely that many people with lewy body disease are misdiagnosed (at least initially) as having either parkinson's disease or alzheimer's disease. Y y dlbd vs. Alzheimerâ·s disease vs. Parkinsonâ·s disease overlapping symptoms.

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